Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure: Managing a Red Had Enterprise Virtualization 3.2 infrastructure using Red Hat CloudForms 2.0


  This paper demonstrates the management and integration of CloudForms 2.0 with Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization 3.2 targeting five detailed use cases:

  • Provisioning virtual machines through Pre-Boot Execution (PXE) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) imaging
  • Automation capabilities providing resiliency for a web server
  • Integration with LDAP services to provide self-service user and group mappings along with self-service provisioning
  • Resiliency for CloudForms Management Engine (CFME) database services
  • Chargeback for managed resources

In addition, advanced environment configurations are detailed including the use and integration of Red Hat Satellite Server 5.5 and 3rd party LDAP services. The target audience consists of system administrators and consultants who are deploying Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms to orchestrate and manage on-premise cloud environments.


Reference architecture