Sessions, labs, parties, and networking

The 2017 agenda was packed with more than 200 sessions on open source, success stories, industry trends, and Red Hat products and solutions.

General sessions

General sessions (aka keynotes) are for everyone. Red Hat executives, open source leaders, and some of our most innovative customers discuss trends, tell stories, and anticipate the future on the main stage.

Red Hat Summit general session

Breakout sessions

Breakout sessions are led by 1-2 subject matter experts. We offer both business and technical sessions ranging in difficulty. To find the content most relevant to you, use the filters to identify sessions focused on specific products, solutions, or themes, as well as sessions tagged to your industry or job role.


Our business and technical breakout sessions are tagged with one or more themes. Themes, along with other filters like audience and technical difficulty, help you narrow down your search to find sessions that are perfect for you. To get started, filter by "Themes" in the content catalog.

2017 Themes

Big data

Storing, processing, and analyzing large amounts of data


Developing and managing containerized infrastructures

Culture of collaboration

The people that make open source great

Internet of Things

All you need to know about the devices and the data

IT strategy

The people, processes, and technologies crucial to long-term business objectives


Tools and technologies to manage clouds, platforms, and applications


Everything related to—well—OpenStack®


The people and projects happening upstream


Compliance, identity, and risk mitigation inside and outside the datacenter

Application delivery

PaaS, containers, DevOps, and more

Application platforms

Modern application development and deployment

Application development

Just for developers, with a focus on tools, technologies, best practices, and methodologies

Business automation

Automating business and technology workflows to streamline and increase efficiency


Linux® platforms, virtualization, containers, and more

Cloud and hybrid IT

Implementing, securing, and managing public and private clouds


Connecting systems and data seamlessly


Developing and securing enterprise mobility


Software-defined storage and how it fits into your infrastructure


Techniques, tools, and best practices for successful DevOps

Hands-on labs and training

Instructor-led labs

Subject matter experts lead attendees through a 2-hour lab on a particular product or solution. There are 24 labs to choose from, but advanced signup is required since capacity is limited.

Self-paced labs

Choose from more than 50 labs on a range of our products and solutions—completed at your own pace, on your own time. Self-paced labs can be found on the session catalog.

Taste of Training

These 2-hour sessions are led by training curriculum developers and are a preview of our award-winning training courses. Due to hardware requirements, Taste of Training sessions have limited capacity, so advance sign-up is required.

Power Training

Power Training gives you access to a 2-day, accelerated training course led by expert instructors. Choose 1 of 9 available courses from May 1-2.

Other sessions


Birds-of-a-Feather sessions are scheduled so you have a place to informally discuss a particular topic or trend with peers and experts. These are more conversational than a traditional breakout session.

Discovery sessions

Join our consultants for a deep dive into technology implementations and best practices in these 1-hour, interactive whiteboarding sessions.

Partner Theater

Listen to some of our most strategic partners and sponsors Partner Theater runs while the Partner Pavilion is open.

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