Sessions, labs, and training

Expand your technology and culture by choosing from more than 300 sessions on the impact of open source, industry challenges, big trends, and the latest products and solutions.

General sessions

General sessions (aka keynotes) are for everyone. Red Hat executives, open source leaders, and some of our most innovative customers discuss trends, tell stories, and anticipate the future on the main stage.

Red Hat Summit general session

Breakout sessions

Breakout sessions are collaborative opportunities led by subject matter experts that focus on business and technical topics ranging in complexity. To find the content most relevant to you, use the filters to identify sessions focused on specific products, solutions, or topics, as well as sessions tagged to your industry or job role.


Tracks make it easy to find a large selection of sessions and labs that have similar high-level subject matter. Each session will be aligned to only 1 track, and you can further narrow your results by adding a filter like audience or technical difficulty.

Cloud-native app dev

Apps need to be created, maintained, and deployed quickly across hybrid cloud environments. How can you be sure you’re getting the most from innovative technologies and practices?

Culture of collaboration

People are at the center of everything we do, but there's always room for improvement. Learn more about the hot topics within the technology industry.

Digital leadership

This track investigates how people are working together in open organizations. Topics include the processes and technology being used, along with how security and DevOps factor in.

Emerging technology

What does your chief technology officer wonder about? We’ll look at the key technologies that may soon be disrupting entire industries--and the challenges and opportunities they’ll pose to IT departments and technology companies.

Hybrid cloud infrastructure

Learn how the industry is talking about public and private clouds—plus all of the storage, containers, services, and security that go along with them.

Integration & APIs

Learn how people are integrating apps, data, and processes and how the API economy is changing technology.

IT automation & management

Automation and management tools and processes are changing how people work and how companies can scale and grow. Which ones have had the biggest impact on your own job or organization? How have systems and resource allocation changed as a result?

IT optimization

Many organizations have invested resources in infrastructure and applications. What happens when they come under pressure to move to new technologies? Learn how to make the most of what you already have.

Road to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

The next release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux will be here before we know it. Find out what our developers are working on and what it will mean for your business.


If tracks aren’t precise enough for you, try filtering by topics. Unlike with tracks, a session can have more than 1 topic, so you’ll see exactly what else the session will cover--before you ever read the abstract. Get started using the “Topics” or “Tracks” filters in the content catalog.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Analytics & data that help computers make more human-like decisions

API management

Scaling and controlling application programming interfaces

Application, data, and process integration

Connecting systems and data

Application delivery

Using Platforms-as-a-Service, containers, and DevOps

Application development

Creating apps using the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies

Application platforms

Modern application development and deployment

Business automation

Automating business and technology workflows


Developing and managing containerized infrastructures

Data and analytics

Storing, processing, and analyzing big data

Diversity and inclusion

Sharing open source with anyone and everyone

Hybrid cloud

Integrating public and private clouds


Linux® platforms, containers, virtualization, and storage

Internet of Things

Devices, security, and data in the IoT

IT automation

Creating more efficiency and less manual work with process automation

IT culture

All about the people that create and support technology

IT processes

Facilitating collaboration among teams with DevOps, Agile, and more

IT strategy

Transforming your organization with open source


Technologies to manage clouds, platforms, and applications and increase efficiency


Developing and securing enterprise mobility

Open source communities

The people and projects upstream

Open source innovation

A look at how open source technology is changing the world


Compliance, identity, and risk mitigation in and out of the datacenter

Software-defined storage

Removing the hardware dependencies of storage


Virtualizing data, desktops, servers, and more

Hands-on labs and training

Instructor-led labs

Subject matter experts lead attendees through a 2-hour lab on a particular product or solution. There are 42 labs to choose from, but advanced signup is required since capacity is limited.

Self-paced labs

Choose from more than 50 labs on a range of our products and solutions—completed at your own pace, on your own time.

Power Training

Power Training gives you access to a 2-day, accelerated training course led by expert instructors. Choose 1 of 8 available courses on May 6 and 7.

Other sessions


Birds-of-a-feather sessions are informal discussions on a particular topic or trend among peers and experts. Participate in this session for a more conversational approach to learning.

Discovery sessions

Join our consultants as they dive into technological implementations and best practices in these 45-minute, interactive whiteboard sessions.

Partner Theater

Hear from some of our most strategic partners and sponsors as they present during normal Ecosystem Expo hours.

Mini sessions

These high-energy talks cover specific, condensed subject matter within a 20-minute timeframe. Mini sessions will be paired based on similar topics, so you can see 2 great talks back to back.


Somewhere between breakout sessions and instructor-led labs, workshops can vary between heavy brainstorming sessions, bring-your-own-device demos, and problem-solving challenges.