Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

Features and benefits

Flexible mobile development

A wide variety of common toolkits, SDKs, and frameworks give you the choice to build what you want, where you want it. Whether you are building native or hybrid apps, Red Hat Mobile Application Platform allows developers to work in their preferred environments (GUI or CLI), and integrate apps into the platform using SDKs. The Build Farm enables automation of the build process, maintaining a history of previous builds and creating builds for platforms without requiring the associated infrastructure and tools.

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Simplified integration

Mobile backend services such as caching, data storage, synchronization, push notifications, business logic, and integrations can be used and reused across multiple mobile projects. Node.js provides the server runtime environment for high-performance backend integration and business logic.

Security and authentication

On the mobile device, apps can be secured with AES/RSA encryption APIs. All traffic between the app and backend is secured using SSL. Backend endpoints can also be secured using API keys and session tokens. Additionally, the use of Node.js gives access to a wide range of cryptographic functionality and provides a layer of abstraction between backend systems and mobile devices. Access from the platform to backend systems can be secured using industry standard practices—including the use of VPNs, firewalls, and DMZs.

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Low code tooling

Rapidly create form-based mobile apps using drag and drop components. Without the need for coding skills, you can get simple apps or prototypes that support custom themes and integrated data sources to market quickly. Our SDK & APIs can be used to extend these apps or integrate the forms into your own apps.

Flexible deployment

Benefit from a wide range of cloud deployments to meet the needs of any enterprise. While public cloud offers affordability, more sensitive workloads may prefer private cloud solutions. The mobile app platform deployed on OpenShift Container Platform lets you choose between private, public, on-premise, and hybrid cloud deployment models.

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Modern container-based technology stack

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform, deployed on OpenShift Container Platform, takes advantage of an enterprise grade technology stack that is based on modern app development principles. Microservices architecture, DevOps practices, and container technologies support faster and more secure app development and delivery.

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