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2013 Red Hat Summit Presentations

Community and partner ecosystem

10:40am Guy Martin, Andrew Aitken, Chris Aniszczyk, Kamesh Raghavendra, Marcelo Tourne Real World Perspectives: Open Source Enablement pdf
1:20pm Girish Gopal Intel Innovations for OpenStack & the Open Datacenter
2:30pm Lance Phillips Get the Most Value Out of Your Red Hat Subscription pdf
3:40pm Dave Neary Community Catalysts: The Value of Open Source Community Development pdf
4:50pm Marcel Hergaarden Building Backup & Archive Solutions with Red Hat Storage Partners pdf
10:40am Vijay Bellur, Jeff Darcy, John Mark Walker GlusterFS Internals & Roadmap pdf
1:20pm Ranjit Nair Creating Application-aware Business Services with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization pdf
2:30pm Mike Day, Bill Bauman Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Workload Overview - SAP & More
3:40pm Mike Werner How the Red Hat Ecosystem Works
4:50pm Jon Benedict, Karthik Nagalingam, Dustin Schoenbrun, Ian Pilcher Scaling out Tier-1 Applications with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization & NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP
9:45am Mustafa Saglam, Ted Jones Interoperability Results from SAP & Red Hat Collaboration
11:00am Hector Luna, Candy McClean Red & Blue: The Perfect Combination to Optimize & Maintain IT Availability

Taste of training

10:40am Jim Rigsbee Testing Persistence with Arquillian pdf
1:20pm Will Dinyes Clustering for Rollouts with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 pdf
2:30pm Rich Bonneau Riding the Camel pdf
3:40pm Ricardo Jun, Jim Rigsbee Building Applications with CDI pdf
4:50pm Bruce Wolfe Custom Scripting with CLI pdf
10:40am Wander Boessenkool Applying Tuning Settings with "tuned" pdf
1:20pm Bowe Strickland OpenStack: Core Components & Capabilities
2:30pm Rob Locke Setting Up Red Hat Identity Management pdf
3:40pm Forrest Taylor SELinux for Immortals pdf
4:50pm Scott McBrien Managing Updates on Red Hat Enterprise Linux pdf
9:45am Rudolf Kastl Filesystem Access Control Lists pdf
11:00am George Hacker Begin Programming Your Red Hat Satellite Server pdf

The road ahead

10:40am Matt Hicks, Juan Noceda OpenShift PaaS Overview & Roadmap pdf
1:20pm Jeff Scheel Big Data for All Customers
2:30pm Deepali Khushraj, Jay Balunas, Burr Sutter Creating Enterprise Mobile Applications with Red Hat pdf
3:40pm Bhavna Sarathy, Daniel Walsh Linux Containers Overview & Roadmap pdf
4:50pm Nicolas de Beco Lift Your Legacy UNIX Applications & Databases into the Cloud
10:40am Scott Clinton, Veda Shankar When Big Data Goes Beyond Hadoop
1:20pm Jon Masters Red Hat-powered, Energy-efficient Hyperscale ARM Server pdf
2:30pm Deepak Bhole The Bright Future of OpenJDK pdf
3:40pm Russell Doty, Stephen Gallagher Introducing a New Linux Management API: OpenLMI pdf
4:50pm Andrew Cathrow Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Deep Dive pdf
9:45am Lennart Poettering, Kay Sievers Getting Ready for Systemd, the New Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Service Manager pdf
11:00am Chris Wright Network Virtualization & Software-defined Networking pdf

Market perceptions and competition

10:40am Steve Grubb, Jack Rieden Tackling Compliance with Red Hat pdf
1:20pm Gordon Haff Controlling Clouds Beyond Safety pdf
2:30pm Gordon Haff, Greg Kleiman, James Labocki Choose Your Own Path to the Cloud with Red Hat pdf
3:40pm John Scott A New Approach to Data Transformation
4:50pm Jennifer Kotzen Delivering Enterprise-caliber Cloud Solutions through HP CloudSystem with Red Hat Enterprise Linux & KVM
10:40am Richard Naszcyniec Middleware Platforms for Application Development: A Product Comparison pdf
1:20pm Randy Russell Building & Developing a Proven Red Hat Team
2:30pm Tomas Von Veschler Migrating 1,000 VMs from VMware to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: A Case Study pdf
3:40pm Achim Felber, Diwas Adhikari, Anulekha Anand, Derrick Kittler Agility & Optimization with Red Hat JBoss BRMS at GLOBALFOUNDRIES
4:50pm Jane Circle Managing Red Hat Subscriptions in a Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem pdf
9:45am Bhavna Sarathy, Karen Noel Hypervisor Technology Comparison & Migration
11:00am Richard Naszcyniec Middleware Platforms for Integration & BPM: A Product Comparison pdf

IT efficiency

10:40am Jean Staten Healy, Michael Day, Jeff Jameson, Robin Porter, Mark Wiggins Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, KVM, & OpenStack: A Use Cases Panel
1:20pm David Caplan, Alice Cockrum, Ohad Levy, Mike McCune Using Red Hat Satellite Today & Into the Future pdf
2:30pm Charles Crouch, Alan Santos Managing Red Hat JBoss Middleware
3:40pm Thomas Cameron Red Hat Satellite Power User Tips & Tricks: System Deployment pdf
4:50pm Daniel Walsh Managing SELinux in the Enterprise pdf
10:40am Hoot Thompson, D. John Shakshober, Mark Wagner Optimizing HPC Clouds for NASA with Red Hat Solutions
1:20pm Han Yang Nexus 1000V on KVM with OpenStack Integration
2:30pm Keith Robertson, Bryan Kearney Red Hat Subscription Tools: Easier Management & Faster Issue Resolution pdf
3:40pm Brian Ashburn Red Hat JBoss Operations Network Automation & Scripting pdf
4:50pm Dirk Herrmann, Todd Warner, Milan Zázrivec Building & Managing a Standard Operating Environment pdf
9:45am Anil Saldhana, Dmitri Pal Stitching Infrastructure Layers with Identity Management Thread pdf
11:00am Sanjeev Kumar, Trevor Narayan Centralized Business Process Management in Enterprise IT

Cloud readiness

10:40am Chuck Dubuque, Gerry Riveros Introduction to Red Hat OpenStack pdf
1:20pm Mark Coggin Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Foundation for an Open Hybrid Cloud pdf
2:30pm Keith Basil Introduction & Overview of OpenStack for IaaS Clouds pdf
3:40pm Mitch Nelson Adobe Systems Offers Customers Cloud-based Solutions through Red Hat Enterprise Linux & AWS
4:50pm Vinny Valdez, James Labocki Implementation Best Practices for Red Hat CloudForms pdf
10:40am John Doyle Managing Java Applications in an Open Hybrid Cloud
1:20pm Brad Ascar Private Cloud Infrastructure with ManageIQ at AutoTrader Group
2:30pm Terry Okamoto, Chris Ramsdale, Aleš Justin Running Java Apps in Google App Engine & OpenShift via JBoss CapeDwarf
3:40pm Russell Bryant OpenStack Architecture pdf
4:50pm Mike McGrath OpenShift Deep Dive: Running a Large, Public PaaS pdf
9:45am Michael Daubman Running at 100%: Linux in a Cloud
11:00am Isaac Christoffersen, Matt Richards, Ted Brunell Liberate your Files: A Solution from Vizuri using ownCloud, OpenShift, & Red Hat Storage Server pdf

Business and IT strategy alignment

10:40am Scott Clinton Open, Software-defined Storage in the Modern Hybrid Datacenter
1:20pm Vamsi Chemitiganti, Derrick Kittler Deploying Enterprise-wide BPM on Wall Street
2:30pm Bryan Che Open Hybrid Cloud is the New IT pdf
3:40pm Scott McClellan, Doug Williams Red Hat Storage & Big Data
4:50pm Pierre Fricke, Ken Johnson Integrating Distributed, Cloud, & Mobile Applications into the Intelligent, Integrated Enterprise pdf
10:40am Joe Fernandes, Gunnar Hellekson, Dan Juengst, John Keck Streamline & Accelerate IT Service Delivery with OpenShift Enterprise pdf
1:20pm Mohit Anchlia, Dustin Black Defining the Future with Red Hat Storage Geo-replication
2:30pm Paul Hubert Scale-out Infrastructure for Flight Availability
3:40pm Ted Brunell, John Barrette, George Callaghan, Munjeet Singh, Tom Tschour, Peter Walsh War Stories from the Cloud: Lessons from US Defense Agencies pdf
4:50pm David McNeely Red Hat Environments Working at the Speed of Business
9:45am Veda Shankar Taking Back Control of Data Mobility pdf
11:00am Kris Verlaenen, Pedro Zapata Fernandez Empowering Business Users with Process Management Tools pdf

Application development

10:40am Emmanuel Bernard Hibernate & Data Access: State of the Union pdf
10:40am Pete Muir, Ray Ploski The JBoss Way html5
1:20pm Thomas Heute, Divya Mehra Create Engaging User Experiences with Red Hat JBoss Portal pdf
1:20pm Burr Sutter Hitchhiker's Guide to the JBoss Galaxy (2013 Edition) html5
2:30pm Mark Little 7, 8, & Beyond
2:30pm Vin Sharma Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop
3:40pm Mark Proctor Red Hat JBoss BRMS 6 Developer Experience: A Sneak Preview
3:40pm Jeff Johnston Profile C/C++ Applications Using Eclipse in Red Hat Enterprise Linux pdf
4:50pm Brad Davis Simplifying Large-scale, Middleware Migrations with JBoss Windup pdf
4:50pm Omair Majid, Jonathan VanAlten Examining & Increasing Java Application Performance pdf
10:40am Tony Dicuffa Leveraging Cloud Services to Modernize Legacy Applications for Healthcare & Government Industries
10:40am Matt Newsome Developer Toolset: Build, Run, & Analyze Applications On Multiple Versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux pdf
1:20pm Sanne Grinovero Red Hat JBoss Data Grid & the Hibernate Suite: A Love Affair pdf
1:20pm Juan Noceda, Mike McGrath Consume PaaS in the Cloud with OpenShift Online pdf
2:30pm Jay Balunas Mobile Makes Your Enterprise Go Boom (The Good or Bad Kind) pdf
2:30pm Bela Ban Replication Between Datacenters with Red Hat JBoss Data Grid html5
3:40pm Jhon Honce Writing Cartridges for OpenShift pdf
3:40pm Lincoln Baxter III, Christian Sadilek Rethinking Mobile & Web Applications with Errai pdf
4:50pm Pete Muir, Anil Saldhana Securing Applications with PicketLink
4:50pm Grant Shipley Developing Scalable Mobile Backends using Red Hat Enterprise Linux & OpenShift
9:45am Jeremy Davis Ruby for the Enterprise with JBoss Torquebox
9:45am Max Rydahl Andersen A Guided Tour through a Middleware Tooling Wonderland pdf
11:00am Emily Brand, Jeff Forte Driving the Modern Business with Process Management & Red Hat JBoss BRMS pdf
11:00am Mauricio Leal, Vamsi Chemitiganti, Derrick Kittler Java EE 6 & Spring: A Lover’s Quarrel pdf

Application and platform infrastructure

10:40am Xavier Lecauchois, John Hardy Red Hat CloudForms Roadmap: Build & Manage an Open Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure pdf
10:40am Michael St-Jean, Chris Frantz, Jay Hendrickson, Jonathan Ward Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization with HP Converged Infrastructure & Insight Control
1:20pm Sayan Saha, Rich Fortier Red Hat Storage Server: Use Cases & Roadmap pdf
2:30pm Urano Masato, Yoshikazu Yamada Migrating from Oracle WebLogic to Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform at NTT Group
3:40pm Andrew Cathrow, Ayal Baron Red Hat IaaS Overview & Roadmap pdf
3:40pm Tushar Katarki, Sean Cohen Integration of Storage, OpenStack & Virtualization pdf
4:50pm Steve Dickson, Ric Wheeler Linux File Systems: Enabling Cutting-edge Features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 & 7 pdf
4:50pm Mark Wagner Red Hat OpenStack Performance & Scale pdf
10:40am Thomas Cameron SELinux for Mere Mortals pdf
10:40am Bhavna Sarathy, Karen Noel KVM Hypervisor Roadmap & Technology Update pdf
1:20pm D. John Shakshober, Larry Woodman, Bill Gray, Jeremy Eder Performance Analysis & Tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Part I pdf
1:20pm Brian Stansberry Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 CLI: Ninja Management pdf
2:30pm Steve Dickson Evolving & Improving Red Hat Enterprise Linux NFS Handout, pdf
2:30pm D. John Shakshober, Larry Woodman, Bill Gray, Jeremy Eder Performance Analysis & Tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Part II pdf
3:40pm Ian Pilcher, Christopher Alfonso, Daniel Walsh Under the Hood of OpenShift, Turbocharged by Red Hat Enterprise Linux pdf
3:40pm Sanjay Rao Tuning Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Databases pdf
4:50pm Ben England, Neependra Khare Best Practices for Red Hat Storage Server Performance pdf
4:50pm Mark Wagner Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Performance pdf
9:45am Mark Heslin Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 & Microsoft Windows Interoperability Update pdf
9:45am Andrew Block JBoss in the Trenches pdf
11:00am Marcela Maslanova Bring Order to Your Application Madness with Software Collections pdf
11:00am Martin Porter, Jeremy Eder Make the NICs Move: Adventures in Network Performance Tuning pdf

Application and data integration

10:40am Emily Brand Mainframe & Database Legacy Modernization pdf
1:20pm Alan Santos, Keith Babo, Jack Britton Loosely Coupled, Reusable, & Interoperable: Integration Overview & Roadmap pdf
2:30pm Ken Johnson Red Hat JBoss Data Services Platform: Overview & Roadmap pdf
3:40pm James Strachan Easy Integration with Red Hat JBoss Fuse
4:50pm Pritam Prasad, Mani Subramanyam, Udaypal Aarkoti Get Mobile-ready Fast with Red Hat JBoss Data Services Platform
10:40am Phil Simpson, Prakash Aradhya The New Wave in BPM from Red Hat pdf
1:20pm Robert Davies Connect Applications Everywhere with Red Hat JBoss A-MQ
2:30pm Keith Babo, Kevin Conner, Alan Santos Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform 6 Quick Start pdf
3:40pm Stephen Watt Hadoop on Red Hat Storage Server: A Reference Architecture
4:50pm Niel Eyde, Max Furmanov, Vipul Savjani Industrialized Application Development & Accelerated Legacy Migration for OpenShift
9:45am Vamsi Chemitiganti, Derrick Kittler Design Business Intelligence Appliances Using Red Hat Technologies
11:00am Peter Portante, Ben England Red Hat Storage Server: Best Practices & Advanced Configurations pdf

Birds of a Feather

6:00pm Jeremy Davis, Arnold Hahamyan, Gavin McMillan Real-world Perspectives: Business Rules & Red Hat JBoss BRMS
6:00pm Norman Mark St. Laurent Using an Open Source Framework to Catch the Bad Guy pdf
6:00pm Jay Balunas Mobile & Rich Client Smack Down
7:00pm Shawn Wells Compliance Made Easy with Red Hat pdf
7:00pm Pete Muir, Ray Ploski Build Applications the JBoss Way
7:00pm Chris Stierle, Jay Madison Implementing New Open Source Tools for Collaboration & Security
8:00pm Grant Shipley Cloud Bursting with OpenShift Enterprise
8:00pm Max Rydahl Andersen Maven Repository: Best Practices for Easy Migration pdf
8:00pm Brian Likosar, Ray Ploski Platform Needs Middleware & Middleware Needs Platform

Town hall

10:40am Rajeev Jaswal, Tom Benninger, Lee Congdon, Bret McMillan, Bill Montgomery, Mason Sanders Red Hat IT Relies on Red Hat Solutions: Drinking Our Own Champagne
1:20pm Jason Milliron, Duc Doan, John Liptak, Wei Sun Real-world Perspectives: Integration & Automation
2:30pm Ashish Nadkarni, Mohit Anchlia, Wayde Nie, Ana-Paula Ribeiro, David Yaffe Real-world Perspectives: Solving Storage Challenges with Red Hat Storage Server
3:40pm Ellen Newlands, JR Aquino, Joseph Bezouska, Addam Krucek Real-world Perspectives: Establishing a Secure, Reliable & Optimal Infrastructure
4:50pm Mark Coggin, Keith Alsheimer, Matt Asay, Terry Orsborn, David Stokes Big Data & Traditional Databases
10:40am John Abbott, Jon Brodkin, Sean Michael Kerner, Scott Merrill Hot Off the Press: Top Journalists on Today's Tech Trends
1:20pm Langdon White, Josh Bressers, Norman Mark St. Laurent, Anil Saldhana, Daniel Walsh Secure Development Practices
2:30pm Mike Werner, Chris Ferris, Girish Gopal, Mark McLaughlin Collaboration in Action: Red Hat OpenStack Partners
3:40pm Ric Wheeler, Steve Dickson, Sorin Faibish, Ricardo Labiaga, Douglas O'Flaherty, Brent Welch Parallel NFS: Storage Leaders & NFS Architects Panel
4:50pm Rodrique Heron, John Fulton, Fredy Hernandez, Nathan Lager, Greg Scott, Robert Starr Real-world Perspectives: Gaining Competitive Advantages with Red Hat Solutions
9:45am Todd Warner, Aly Khimji, Bernard Lee, Eric Nothen, Aaron Schaeffer, Matt Wells Real-world Perspectives: Optimizing Infrastructures with Red Hat Satellite pdf
11:00am Jeremy Davis, Sanjay Attada, Steven Delgado, Scott McGlone, Roger Ruttimann Real-world Perspectives: Building Next-generation Applications Today