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2013 Red Hat Summit Lab Materials

1:20 pm Erik Jacobs, James Rankin, Chris Tusa Touring Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2
1:20 pm Jim Tyrrell JBoss Developer Framework: Getting Started with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 PDF
1:20 pm Christoph Doerbeck, Jonathan Brassow Fundamentals of Storage Management with LVM PDF
3:50 pm Craig Carl, Thor Nolen Launching Secure-by-default Red Hat Enterprise Linux Instances on Amazon EC2 with Amazon VPC
3:50 pm Scott Collier, Miciah Masters, Adam Miller, Steve Reichard, Vinny Valdez, Grant Shipley Implementing & Managing an OpenShift Enterprise PaaS PDF
3:50 pm Jim Tyrrell, Keith Babo Getting Started with Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform 6 Handouts
1:20 pm Guna Vijayaratnam Advanced Messaging Made Easy
1:20 pm Veda Shankar, Jacob Shucart Introduction to Red Hat Storage Server PDF
3:50 pm Jacob Shucart, Arthur Enright Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization & Red Hat Storage Server Integration
3:50 pm Peter Larsen, Jey Paulraj, Ray Tsang, Jim Tyrrell Choose Your Own Adventure: Getting Started with Red Hat JBoss Middleware Handouts
3:50 pm Brian Cook, Dmitri Pal Red Hat Enterprise Linux Identity Management
9:00 am Keith Babo, Tom Cunningham, Jim Tyrrell Migrating Applications from Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform 5 to 6 Handouts
9:00 am Alvaro Lopez Ortega, Dan Radez Deploying OpenStack on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Infrastructure PDF
9:00 am Bohuslav Kabrda, Thomas Cameron From Conventional RPMs to Software Collections PDF
11:30 am Sean Spurrier CloudForms: Getting the Most Out of Your VMware Environment PDF
11:30 am John Hoffer, Veda Shankar Red Hat Storage Server & UFO: A Demonstration of a Mobile DropBox PDF