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Cloud readiness

This track covers the changing concepts and implications of moving workloads to the cloud. Example topics include: data migration, consumption models, operational approaches, and management frameworks. Attendees will gain insight into cloud-readiness for their IT infrastructures and businesses, and learn how to maintain control, security, and compliance when moving to hybrid cloud operational models.

Private Cloud Infrastructure with ManageIQ at AutoTrader Group

Brad Ascar — Senior Systems Engineer, AutoTrader Group

Discover why AutoTrader Group selected ManageIQ, who was recently acquired by Red Hat, as its partner to deliver its private cloud infrastructure. Learn about the differentiators that ManageIQ brings and why they matter in the real world.

In this session, AutoTrader Group’s Brad Ascar will discuss the reasons his company selected ManageIQ and the key takeaways for you and your company.

This is a great session to attend if you have any of these questions:

  • Do you want to empower your developers, engineers, administrators, or internal customers to manage the virtual machine (VM) lifecycle themselves?
  • Are you worried about day-to-day control and insight of the managed infrastructure?
  • Do you care about compliance?
  • Do you need the capability to manage infrastructure on external cloud providers?
  • Do you have a multi-vendor/multi-hypervisor environment or strategy?
  • Would you like additional insight and control of your storage infrastructure?
  • Do you need to quickly understand what changes have occurred to a VM host or cluster over time?

Location: Room 310

Topics: ManageIQ, Red Hat CloudForms

Track Date Time Technical Difficulty
Cloud readiness Thursday, June 13 1:20 pm - 2:20 pm 1.0 / 5.0