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9 Ansible guides to help you ease into automation

If you're looking for a way to bring more task automation skills into your toolbox, these guides will bring you up to speed on Ansible.
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IT shops all around the globe are talking about automation. For some, "automation" is a bad word, a job killer. Sysadmins who are resistant to change think automation will replace their jobs. The sysadmins who embrace this shift are taking advantage of automation and using it to create more time for themselves by automating mundane tasks. Why? Because we want to work on more challenging problems and deliver more value to the business.

For Enable Sysadmin readers, we can't really talk about automation without talking about Ansible. It's a great tool to help us ease into automation. I was fortunate enough to take an Ansible course in February 2019. I walked in with only the minimum knowledge of what the technology did beyond "automation" and zero experience with YAML. I walked out with a much better understanding of Ansible and how powerful it could be for a sysadmin.

If you're interested in learning more about how to get started, we've got the nine most popular guides from 2019. Enjoy and have fun as you begin to explore automation:

Top automation guides from 2019

Introduction to Ansible Tower
Not sure whether you need Red Hat Ansible or Red Hat Ansible Tower? Read on, and learn how to get started with Ansible Tower as well.
Ansible Galaxy is a repository for Ansible Roles that are available to drop directly into your Playbooks to streamline your automation projects.
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