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11 automation guides to enhance your Ansible skills

Discover the versatility of Ansible with these top guides for IT automation.
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In 2020, we continued to witness a growing interest in IT automation. As sysadmins and IT professionals continue embracing the idea of automating trivial tasks, they improve their efficiency, allowing them to manage more systems with fewer issues. At Enable Sysadmin, IT automation is synonymous with Ansible.

Ansible is a powerful open source automation, orchestration, and configuration management solution that allows users to automate IT environment by applying the concepts of infrastructure as code. To me, of all Ansible's benefits, its versatility is what stands out. Enable Sysadmin's top Ansible articles in 2020 highlight this versatility in a nice way:

No matter your background or level of experience, if you're interested in automation, I am sure there's an article in this list for you. Grab your coffee or other preferred beverage, and enjoy the best Ansible articles from 2020.

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Ricardo Gerardi

Ricardo Gerardi is Technical Community Advocate for Enable Sysadmin and Enable Architect. He was previously a senior consultant at Red Hat Canada, where he specialized in IT automation with Ansible and OpenShift.  More about me

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