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Career and certification guides to advance sysadmin careers

What are you going to do to continue to advance your career or enhance the practice of this shared sysadmin craft? These six guides can help improve your career.
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2020 is coming to a close; another year in the history books. However, we work in an industry where people often do not care about what you have done before, but instead, what you are doing or going to do. So, what are you going to do in 2021? I’m not talking about taking time off of work or weekend activities. I’m talking about what are you going to do to continue to advance your career or enhance the practice of our shared craft? These six guides can help answer career questions you may be asking yourself.

Are you someone new to the craft of system administration? If so, have you become adept at finding your own solutions or knowing when to ask for help?

Have you considered getting a certification to enhance your CV? While a certification usually doesn’t guarantee a position, it’s an indicator to potential employers that your knowledge has been verified to a certain level or that you possess a set of skills. It can help get your resume higher up in the stack for a hiring manager.

Perhaps you are looking for a change and are investigating moving to a new position or employer. Have you looked at these steps for helping market yourself to potential employers?

Or maybe you are already actively interviewing. Check out these questions to ask employers during the interview process. Remember that an interview is not just for a potential employer to find out about you, but also an opportunity for you to find out about them.

Let's not forget about improving where you are. I have always lived with the attitude to leave somewhere better than how I found it. If you are content in your current position, have you implemented these recommended practices? Things like improved documentation, repeatable processes, and helping others end up helping you.

Systems administration is a craft. Even experts have opportunities to learn new things and improve. This includes learning from each other and each other’s experiences. We all come from different backgrounds and work experiences. Find out some about your co-workers and other well-regarded professionals in the field. Learn from their experiences!

Hope you all have a great 2021!

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