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What desktop OS do you use at work?

Some of us have a choice at work, others do not. What desktop operating system do you use?
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What desktop OS do you use professionally?

943 votes tallied
320 votes
Mac OS X
117 votes
502 votes
Chrome OS
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3 votes

We have all heard the age-old debate of what is the best operating system user prefer. Windows or Mac? Linux or nothing. The funny thing about this question is that in many places of business, the user does not get a choice. You are handed a laptop when you start and may be stuck with whatever is preloaded onto the machine. In some cases, you're not even allowed to run something else in a virtual machine.

Real-world usage numbers for various operating systems can be hard to come by. According to, the current market share for desktops looks something like this:

line graph for most used desktop os
  • Windows – 77.21%
  • OS X – 16.79%
  • Linux – 1.79%
  • Chrome OS – 1.59%

But of course, this may not paint an accurate picture of your place of work. For example, Linux-based Chrome OS about a 60% market share in K-12 classrooms in the US. And of course, the server and mobile markets are something different entirely, where Linux-based operating systems are quite dominant.

Stats aside, we want to know what you use at work. Linux, Windows, Mac? Something else? Let us know by voting above.

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