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Fun on the pretend command line: Happy hour beer replacement commands

Get me a beer. No? Sudo get me a beer. Ah, that's better.
Flight-sized beer from Indie Brewing

This one should be fun! All of the commands in this article are fictitious, however, based on popular commands that you might use every day.

I was recently on a virtual happy hour with members of the Red Hat Accelerators program. We were near the top of the hour and someone mentioned they were out of beer and needed a replacement. Then chat exploded with these commands:

From Hawain Dave - @dkalaluhi

# ansible -m beerMe.yml

From RJ - @theducktalks

# systemctl is-enabled beer.service > /dev/null || systemctl enable —now beer.service

# systemctl start beer.service

From Dave Yaffe - @str8edgedave

# dnf reinstall beer -y

# service beer reload

From Rick Greene - @SciFiRick

# cat beer > /dev/gullet

From Mark abiNadar

# yum update beer -y

Since we do not have comments set-up on the site yet, Tweet me @jhibbets your beer replacement commands with the hashtag #EnableSysadmin and I'll select a few of my favorites to add to this fun post.

Joerg Kastning - @JoergKastning

# wget brewery://beer.keg #EnableSysadmin

# scp -i my_id_rsa storage@brewery:~/beer /stomach/


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