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What do you resolve to learn in 2020?

The new year brings new chances to learn. What are you hoping to master?

What technology are you most hoping to learn in 2020?

135 votes tallied
Ansible / Automation
54 votes
OpenShift / Kubernetes / Containers
27 votes
OpenStack / Virtualization
6 votes
MySQL / Postgres / Other database
4 votes
Linux / Server infrastructure and management
36 votes
Gluster / Ceph / Other storage
4 votes
Something else
4 votes

A new year is a new opportunity.

Many of us make resolutions to bring into the new year. Some are personal: eat better, exercise more, make more time for family and friends, set aside more money for savings, travel to new destinations, and others. But hopefully, you're setting a few professional goals as well.

Maybe you'd like to try for a promotion at work. Maybe you're hoping to acquire a new certification. Or maybe you're just hoping to learn something new.

For me, I really look forward to the new year as an opportunity to learn something new. At least on my spot on the globe, the new year comes at a time with little daylight, and a whole lot of cold days still ahead. Not exactly the spot on the calendar to be spending time outdoors. So rather than wasting away my hours after work just watching Netflix or playing video games, I'm looking forward to putting my indoor time to good use.

In my case, I'm hoping to spend some quality time studying up on Ansible in anticipation of taking the new RHEL 8-based RHCE exam later this year. I've also recently acquired some great books on open source desktop design software - GIMP, Inkscape, and Blender - that I'd like to learn in greater depth beyond. And, I'm planning to put some time in with the home lab, learning to run and manage some self-hosted alternatives to SaaS solutions, as well as whatever infrastructure they require underneath.

What are you hoping to learn in 2020?

Take our poll above, and be sure to let us know on Twitter by tweeting your 2020 learning plans with hashtag #EnableSysadmin.

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