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Top 7 Linux security articles of 2019

Check out our best security-related articles from 2019.
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In the year 2019, no one could say "cyber-security wasn't important" with a straight face. There are innumerable attacks every year and the amount of money lost or required to recover from one of these attacks is staggering. SecurityFirst reported that "it's estimated that the global cost of cybercrime for 2017 added up to around $600 billion. The number mounts up every year, and by 2021 pundits are suggesting a figure of $6 trillion per year."

As we enter 2020, that number has only grown from the original figure. Aside from the money lost, personal data is one of the most valuable commodities on earth and needs to be protected as such. While elaborate and technical cyber-attacks are carried out daily, the vast number of attacks succeed simply through user ignorance and complacency. 

Here at Enable Sysadmin, we want to inform our readers of the basic concepts of network and system security so that you can do what is in your power to protect your company, your customers, and your career. Check out our top security articles of the past year. You may find a bit of practical information that you can put into your best practices today:

Top 7 security articles of 2019

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