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Red Hat Insights Twitter chat

Join a live Twitter chat on June 16 to share how Red Hat Insights impacts your life as a sysadmin.
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There is a live Twitter chat scheduled for June 16, 2020, at 11:30 AM EDT (15:30 UTC) we thought the Enable Sysadmin readers would be interested to attend and participate in.

Follow the #RHELInsightsChat hashtag to read and respond to the questions. See below for more details about how to join, how to respond, and preview a list of topics and sample questions you can expect during the live event.

Summary (TL; DR)

  • Follow: @RedHatSupport
  • Hashtag: #RHELInsightsChat
  • Event date: June 16, 2020
  • Event time: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EDT (15:30 - 16:30 UTC)
  • Register to receive reminders and follow-up material from the event

How do you attend?

To join the chat, follow along using the hashtag #RHELInsightsChat and follow the @RedHatSupport Twitter handle during the chat.

How do you participate?

The @RedHatSupport Twitter handle will be posting a new question about every 7-10 minutes during the live event. Each question posted will be labeled with Q1, Q2, etc. To respond, reply to the question and start your answer with the corresponding question number such as A1, A2, etc. Make sure you include the hashtag #RHELInsightsChat on all tweets so your response becomes part of the conversation.

Topics and sample questions

Here are some of the topics and questions covered during the event.

Impact of COVID-19

  • How are you managing operational and security risks during COVID-19?

Time spent troubleshooting an issue

  • How much time are you typically spending troubleshooting an issue?

Insights included in your subscription

  • What slows you down when it comes to Insights adoption?

Expanded Insights

  • Which of these services in particular can help make your life as a Sysadmin easier? Why?

Life is easier with Insights for RHEL.

  • Does it make you a better sysadmin?

Best practices for adopting Insights

  • What are some recommended best practices for starting?

Workloads running on RHEL

  • What configuration aspects do you watch closely?

New Features in RHEL 8.2

  • Have you considered using the LEAPP in-place upgrade tool?

Automating remediation: put insights into action

  • How much time do you think you could save with automation?

We hope you can join the event. If you're not able to participate live, feel free to jump in and answer questions when it's convenient for you.

[ Don't forget to register to receive reminders and follow-up material from the event! ]

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