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10 storage guides for sysadmins heading into 2022

From resizing logical volumes to doing routine backups, storage and data management are essential sysadmin duties.
File transfer protocols: FTP vs. SFTP

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As a sysadmin, nothing is more nerve-wracking than a big data migration, and today's storage technologies have come so far that the process can be complicated. I can certainly remember long nights of storage appliance migrations—or even worse, data recoveries—during my days as a sysadmin.

Enable Sysadmin's top storage articles of 2021 are packed with advice. If you're looking for information about resizing logical volumes, Shehu Awwal has a great article, "How to resize a logical volume with 5 simple LVM commands." What's the difference between NVMe and M.2? Take a look at Tyler Carrigan's article. Are you moving data around with rsync or FTP? Check out articles from Steve Newsted, Glen Newell, Anthony Critelli, and Tyler. Or maybe backups, encryption, or compression are what you're looking for. Saksham Lamba and Ken Hess have that space covered. You can find links to all of these articles (and more) below.

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Top 10 storage articles of 2021

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