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10 best sysadmin stories from the trenches

Check out these sysadmin technical how-tos, advice pieces, and horror stories that people in the trenches submitted for 2019.
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2019 has been a great year here at Enable Sysadmin. Ops folks from around the world submitted technical how-tos, wisdom to pass along to the younger crowd, sysadmin appreciation day pieces, and even a few horror stories about mistakes that lead to seemingly endless self-inflicted torment. 

Whether it's about getting away from your desk, avoiding burnout, relieving stress, or even destroying the thing that manages all of your virtual infrastructure with a single typo, we hope you enjoy this list of our top 10 sysadmin culture articles from 2019. We’re looking forward to a sysadmin-filled 2020!


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Burnout can be a huge problem in high-intensity careers like system administration. Here's how to recognize when it's happening to you and others, along with what to do in order to recover and avoid the problem in the future.
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System administration is one of those jobs that most never notice until things don't work. Sysadmins work hard to keep our digital lives running. Here's how you can show your appreciation on Sysadmin Appreciation Day.
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Nathan Lager

Nate is a Technical Account Manager with Red Hat and an experienced sysadmin with 20 years in the industry.  He first encountered Linux (Red Hat 5.0) as a teenager, after deciding that software licensing was too expensive for a kid with no income, in the late 90’s.  Since then he’s run More about me

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