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Hey Linux sysadmin, which backup technology do you use?

Everyone knows backups are important but how they're handled can be as diverse as those who perform them. What's your backup technology?
Hey Linux sysadmin, which backup technology do you use?

Which backup technology do you use?


As a system administrator, backups are probably your problem/responsibility so you likely have a technology, or multiple technologies, in place to handle them. Are you still using tape for your backups? Disk-to-disk backups that were so popular a few years ago are vanishing from sight. Cloud backups, replication, and network-attached storage seem to be the technologies of choice right now. I hope you have backups, although I know that some companies that use hosted services depend on their hosting company's (third-party) backup technologies for safety. 

Backups not only help you deal with the occasional and accidental file deletion but they also prevent you from being held for bitcoin ransom by a ransomware attack. In an upcoming article, I'll discuss backup strategies and technologies. This poll's goal is to find out which backup technology or technologies that contemporary Linux system administrators use to prevent data loss.

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