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16 sysadmin accounts I follow on Twitter

One sysadmin gives up his Twitter faves. Check them out.
Sysadmin Twitter accounts to follow

It's not magic. It's talent and sweat.

Gilfoyle, Silicon Valley

On May 15, 2009, I entered the world of social networks. After a short analysis, I realized that Twitter could offer me the best proximity to different interests, especially because the speed of personal interaction was very high, and in fact, it still is.

In my particular case, I saw it as the natural evolution of the forums, where if you had a question you could share it and, thanks to the magic of hashtags, in a few moments if you didn't have the answer, at least you would get a little more guidance beyond the classic RTFM.

Thanks to Twitter, I was able to connect firsthand with many well-known people from the LinuxWorld community, and even meet many of whom I had no idea about, but whose contributions greatly helped my career. Perhaps some of them have not worked as a sysadmin or do not even consider themselves sysadmins; however, their contributions and their willingness to support you help a lot in the development of necessary skills. In these times, you wouldn't think of improving the development of a profession without observing the movement of new trends; this is why I'd like to share with you those accounts that I consider essential to follow on Twitter:


  1. @abhishek_fossAbhishek Prakash: News, tutorials, direct how-tos from the founder of @itsfoss2, one of the most important news sites in the world of OpenSource, plus good Linux tips.

  2. @b0rkJulia Evans: Essential, day-to-day concepts for the sysadmin, through very simple-to-understand comics. A great resource to reaffirm knowledge or explore new topics. You can download their material free or with a charge from

  3. @BryanLundukeBryan Lunduke: Tutorials, tips, and advice from his very particular point of view, and with his own style. A peek into the day-to-day situations of the sysadmin from another perspective, sometimes acid, but very funny.

  4. @jessfrazJessie Frazelle: One of the most important women in tech in recent times; it's very rewarding to read her insights and learn from all the projects she's been involved in. On her site,, you will find articles, conferences, and studies that are highly recommended.

  5. @majorhaydenMajor Hayden: Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, specialist in Linux, virtualization, OpenStack, and information security. A true guide to the latest in cloud management and configuration.

  6. @nixcraftVivek Gite: One of the most diverse and important sites, packed with tips and tutorials about many of the processes, configurations, and optimizations of Unix/Linux systems. If you have any doubts about how to configure any component on different platforms, you will find it here.

  7. @rhatdanDaniel Walsh: Mr. SELinux and Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat. Now he mainly works on OCI containers, Podman, CRI-O, and Buildah Skopeo for OpenShift. He is a really nice person and is always willing to share knowledge or help you if you find yourself stuck. 

  8. @TSweeneyRedHatTom Sweeney: Software engineer at Red Hat working on cutting-edge containers. He posts many tutorials and articles to help you keep up to date on the subject.

  9. @unix_rootMohit Kumar: News and articles to keep up with the latest in cybersecurity from the founder of @TheHackersNews, one of the most reliable sources in this field.

  10. @UnixSysAdmin: News, posts, and tutorials from a [missing word here?] and Unix Systems Administrator, which help with day-to-day tasks.

  11. @vkmcVictoria Martínez de la Cruz: The latest and most innovative ideas in OpenStack from de la Cruz, who Is a co-founder of one of the most important women's tech groups in LATAM, @LinuxChix, and Senior VP Advocate of the largest LATAM Systems Administrators community @sysarmy.

  12. @digitalocean: Tutorials and how-tos to create and configure many components or solutions on different platforms.

  13. @linuxtoday: Linux news and how-tos collected from all over.

These accounts are now inactive, but still contain some helpful info:

  1. @bashoneliners: A collection of practical or just pure awesome bash one-liner shell script tips with explanations.

  2. @thegeekstuffRamesh Natarajan: One of the first resources with tutorials and how-tos to create and configure a variety of components and platforms, especially those now considered to be legacy. However, many of them are considered valid for this type of system.

  3. @unixmen: A Linux/Unix blog, providing how-tos, tutorials, tips, and tricks.

I hope you find these recommendations to be useful!

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Alex Callejas is a Senior Technical Support Engineer of Red Hat, based in Mexico City and an Enable SysAdmin contributor. With more than 10 years of experience as SysAdmin, he has strong expertise on Infrastructure Hardening and Automation. More about me

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