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10 of our favorite sysadmin stories

Mastering scrum, remote work tips, advice for the junior admins, and how to identify failure are some of the top stories impacting sysadmin careers.
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It's hard to believe that 2020 is coming to a close.  I hope you've all found your way through this crazy year safe and sound.  When I was writing last year's top 10 Sysadmin stories from the trenches article, I never would have imagined what this year could have brought.  From pandemics to politics, I'm sure a nice list of the top sysadmin stories from 2020 is just the non-controversial thing to finish off your 2020 unless maybe there's some emacs vs. vim content in there…  

From scrum mastering to remote work tips, quantum computers to cyber week, and from advice for the junior admins, to how to identify failure, these are the top 10 sysadmin stories from Enable Sysadmin in 2020.  Enjoy!  


Top 10 sysadmin stories from 2020

Topics:   Year in review   Sysadmin culture  
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Nathan Lager

Nate is a Technical Account Manager with Red Hat and an experienced sysadmin with 20 years in the industry.  He first encountered Linux (Red Hat 5.0) as a teenager, after deciding that software licensing was too expensive for a kid with no income, in the late 90’s.  Since then he’s run More about me

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