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Danil Mashonkin


Danil Mashonkin was born in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg) former USSR in 1973 and received a degree from the Ural's University of Communications in 1992. He began as a and 1996 and quicly transitioned into  IT as a full stack C programmer in 1999.

He got into open source in 2004 with Adelaide, who is well-known for their open source integrator for non profits. In 2007, he began working for a healthcare supplier and their migration to open source projects like Nortel to Asterisk, Pronto ERP to Adempiere, Postgres SQL, and so on. Since 2009, he was partially in a DevOps position along with being a sysadmin.

In 2011, he started his own IT consultancy business providing Proxmox virtualization systems design, delivery, and support. Then in 2016, he began doing InfoSec work with Global Payments as Linux and Security Engineer mainly responsible for monitoring systems, patch management, SIEM, big data, and others tasks.

He joined Red Hat IT Operations in 2018. He likes to build boats and then drive, ride, and sail them.

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