The shift to software-defined vehicles is accelerating

Learn how Red Hat is the strategic choice for the automotive transformation

Automotive enterprises are rethinking strategies and reinventing the industry as a whole as the shift to the software-defined vehicle brings forward sophisticated use cases that previous proprietary systems cannot easily accommodate. As we face this new digital reality, advancing the concept of the software-defined vehicle has manufacturers and suppliers upgrading in-vehicle systems, including: - Consolidating workloads into fewer, larger computers rather than dozens of discrete electronic control units (ECUs) - Accelerating transformation with an open source, enterprise-grade, Linux-based in-vehicle platform that supports safety- and non-safety-related applications - Securing workload isolation using managed containers - Delivering system updates more safely over the air - Automated driving through artificial intelligence (AI) By extending open source practices in the automobile, cloud, IoT, and safety communities, Red Hat believes it is possible to scale faster while also providing consolidation.