JBoss Enterprise BRMS Implementation Virtual (JB433VT) outline

Create, test, and manage business rules in an enterprise environment

JBoss overview

Authoring basic rules

Using the Guvnor web interface and Red Hat® JBoss® Developer Studio to author basic business rules.

Authoring basic rules as text files, technical rules, and decision tables

Authoring rules using text files, the Guvnor technical rule editor, and decision tables. In addition, students learn how to work with Domain Specific Language files and rule templates.

Testing business rules

Testing business rules using the Guvnor web interface.

Complex rule authoring

Authoring complex business rules using advanced conditions and field constraints.

BRMS architecture and rule execution

Learn the architecture of the JBoss Enterprise Business Rules Management System and how the runtime environment processes rules.

Controlling rule execution

Controlling rule execution and how to avoid rule conflicts.

Debugging business rules

Debugging business rules using JBoss Developer Studio.

Note: Course details are subject to change with technology advances and as the nature of the underlying job evolves. For questions or confirmation on a specific objective or topic, please contact a training specialist online or at 1-866-626-2994.