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Save time and speed virtualization efforts with Red Hat Virtualization

Red Hat Virtualization helps organizations migrate from proprietary virtualization technologies — saving costs over those alternatives

As organizations look for ways to gain efficiency, virtualization solutions help to alleviate manual tasks—devoting more time to delivering greater value—and save money by making better use of existing resources. "The Total Economic Impact Of Red Hat Virtualization," highlights benefits gained by a large European transportation manufacturer.

Red Hat Virtualization also supports new virtualization efforts and next-generation technologies such as containers and cloud-enabled workloads.

With Red Hat Virtualization, organizations see higher performance, faster provisioning, improved staff productivity, increased virtual machine density, and reduced long-term capital expenditures.

Forrester found that Red Hat Virtualization speeds up virtualization tasks and improves performance:

  • Return on investment of 103% over 3 years
  • 10% to 20% of infrastructure developer’s time saved through increased virtualization task and process efficiency
  • Payback period of 5.6 months

Download the Forrester study to learn more about the business value of Red Hat Virtualization.