Data Management Platform Consolidation with Enterprise Linux

Power your apps with an accelerated, flexible data management platform

Applications are driven by data—and their ability to scale and adapt depends on the database management system (DBMS) that drives them. That underlying DBMS must be able to process transactions quickly and reliably and, for large analytic tasks, ingest huge and diverse data sets with low latency.

In this IDC whitepaper, you’ll learn what makes Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® a high-performance combination for consolidating current- and new-generation applications, along with their respective data management stacks.

As revealed by IDC, Microsoft SQL Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux together provide:

  • Enterprise-grade functionality that allows for common deployments across platforms.
  • Workload-optimized performance for faster processing on more demanding workloads.
  • Consistency across on-premises, cloud, bare metal server, and virtual environments.

Download the IDC whitepaper, and learn how Red Hat and Microsoft deliver a highly available and reliable foundation for database operations.