The high cost of course materials is a barrier to access and success in higher education. There’s a growing movement to bring open source alternatives to campus―and it’s working.

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Amy Baldwin

Amy Baldwin

Director of Student Transitions, University of Central Arkansas

Amy sees textbooks from every angle. As a professor in community college and university settings, she’s seen students struggle because of expensive course materials. As an author herself, she’s changing the industry from within.

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Rich Baraniuk

Rich Baraniuk

Founder and Director, OpenStax

In the late 1990s, Rich began seeking alternatives to proprietary textbooks for his electrical and computer engineering students at Rice University. That quest led him to start OpenStax, a Rice organization that publishes open source textbooks and creates other open course materials.

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Shafina Chowdhury and Erin McConnell

Shafina Chowdhury and Erin McConnell

Students, University of Connecticut

Shafina, a sophomore accounting major, and Erin, a senior studying math, are advocates for affordable course materials. As members of the UConn Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), they’re encouraging professors to adopt open source books and online materials. They’re also empowering other students to be advocates.

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Barbara Gooch

Barbara Gooch

Sophomore, Volunteer State Community College

Costly course materials are a quadruple-whammy for Barbara. With herself, her husband, and 2 kids all in college at once, textbooks have been a financial strain. As an OpenStax intern, she brings open alternatives to rural campuses.

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