We are proud to announce that Sage Weil, manager of software engineering and senior consulting engineer at Red Hat, received a 2014 O’Reilly Open Source Award during today’s plenary session at OSCON 2014. As one of the creators of Ceph, an open source distributed storage file system, and the Ceph Community, Weil was honored for his contributions and commitment to the open source community. The O’Reilly Open Source Awards recognizes five individual contributors annually who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity and collaboration in the development of open source software.

Sage was part of a research team that developed the first working prototype of the Ceph distributed file system in 2004. In the past 10 years, he has stewarded the growth of the Ceph community project as part of his dedication in developing a disruptive, resilient and scalable storage alternative to costly enterprise proprietary storage systems. With the team, Sage developed key Ceph features such as the CRUSH algorithm and the RADOS object store capability that is the foundation of Ceph software-defined storage technology.

With the help of a committed team of developers and an active community, the Ceph project has celebrated significant milestones including Ceph’s integration into the Linux kernel in 2010, OpenStack integration in 2012 and the delivery of Ceph’s sixth major release, Firefly, last May. The Ceph Community is growing and Ceph technology has quickly become one of the top open source storage software solutions of choice for both public and private clouds, according to a recent OpenStack Foundation user survey on enterprise OpenStack adoption.

Congratulations to Sage for this recognition and his exemplary work in the open source software industry!


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