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For years, we’ve collaborated with DreamWorks in the Linux community to define and drive Linux to achieve high-grade commercial reliability and quality that’s unmatched in the industry. I’ve personally worked closely together with DreamWorks CTO Ed Leonard, and our teams have formed a close partnership that has resulted in solutions and technologies that are helping to not only drive the animation industry, but the next wave of the computing industry too. With our solutions, DreamWorks has successfully produced open source software-based animations, including the Shrek movies.

DreamWorks has been an important supporter of Red Hat and of the open source movement, and we’re happy to return the favor as we recognize Ed and his team as they are honored with an Annie Award for promoting Linux and open source technology in animation and gaming software. Ed was extremely instrumental in recognizing Linux, and specifically Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as the main production platform for animation. As we incorporate new technologies into Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ed has served an early adopter eager to help us optimize our offerings. We’ve seen him and as a real technology leader and trailblazer. Congratulations, Ed.

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Paul Cormier is Chairman of Red Hat. He has been with the company since 2001 and previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer. During his tenure, he has driven much of the company’s open hybrid cloud strategy, playing an instrumental role in expanding Red Hat’s portfolio to a full, modern IT stack based on open source innovation.

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