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Digital disruption is affecting businesses in every industry. There is an ongoing pressure to innovate, and today’s technology-enabled customers are empowered and expect companies to keep pace.

To thrive amid all these challenges, organizations should embrace this disruption and take a cue from companies championing digital innovation – always pushing the boundaries, and thinking far beyond traditional approaches.

Around the world, a growing number of CIOs and IT decision-makers are turning to enterprise open source vendors to innovate, reduce vendor lock-in, and stay secure. A recent Asia-Pacific study, conducted by Forrester Consulting and sponsored by Red Hat, reveals:

  • Two-thirds of survey respondents believe that open source is a cost-saving initiative

  • 34% believe open source is a strategic investment

  • 49% of survey respondents believe that open source initiatives are necessary to manage costs and effectively compete in the market

Moreover, survey respondents reported that they embrace open source to address the following three priorities:

  1. Increasing agility and responsiveness: Supporting their business as they attempt to keep pace with the ever-evolving customer needs. Survey respondents, including CIOs and senior IT decision-makers, often look to open source solutions to offer differentiated customer experiences.
  2. Keep costs down: When faced with a mandate to do more with less, survey respondents continue to believe open source is key in their ability to build scalable and robust solutions, facilitating innovation and disruption in a cost-effective way.
  3. Access to the latest innovation: Using open source to fuel innovation and a more collaborative culture, driven by the success stories of firms that have. With an open ecosystem of partners, enterprises can further improve the turnaround time to meet their business initiatives.

Increasingly, survey respondents from Asia Pacific view open source as a key to unlock the benefits of. This is captured in "Open Source Drives Digital Innovation," a November 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Red Hat and Intel. The study surveyed 455 senior IT decision-makers across nine countries in Asia-Pacific. Benchmark your own tech properties against the survey results here.

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