It’s been about one month since the release of Fedora 7 and we thought it was time to give you a few updates.

We’ve had over 300,000 installations of Fedora 7 in the first month since its release on May 31. That number is thus far pretty in-line with expectations, given that Fedora Core 6 received close to 400,000 installations in its first month, and we expect that people will wait a little while to upgrade their systems. Fedora keeps a statistics page with information about the newest releases if you’d like to learn more.

One of the pieces of Fedora 7 that is most exciting to us is the ability to build custom Fedora appliances using Revisor – we’re thrilled that people have been taking advantage of this tool to create their own custom versions of Fedora. One example is PC Tech 101, a business that produces burn-on-demand CDs and DVDs. They took Revisor and used it to build an 11-CD set of every single package in the Fedora repositories. And they’re offering it for sale on their website. This is exactly the sort of use-case that we hoped for when Revisor was being built.

Look forward to the next Fedora release - Fedora 8′s development cycle is picking up. We’re settling in on various features and as of right now, we are shooting for a November GA.

Tell us about your successes with Fedora 7. And keep an eye on this for more information.

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