video camera Did you ever have one of those weeks where you look back at your life choices and wonder why you did what you did?

Oh, did I have one of those weeks.

It started when I discovered that the organizers of FOSDEM were posting their video content on YouTube this year—something they have not always done in the past.

This discovery quickly got me excited, because this year I was planning on asking their permission to post the videos of our ecosystem participants' presentations on our own Red Hat Community YouTube channel. The videos are all under the Creative Commons license anyway, but I always like to be courteous and at least give a content provider a heads up when I am about to re-use that much material. That they were on YouTube already made my job a lot easier.

With a list of Red Hat and upstream project presenters in hand, off I went to our YouTube channel to find... nearly nothing. A grand total of three videos had been uploaded, and they were years old. What in my head was a fairly active video channel was dormant and stale.

This is on me, of course. One of my primary responsibilities on my team is making sure the team's social media channels are active. Clearly, I had let this slide in a huge way. But no longer. The dust is being shaken off our video channel with a new plan to provide linked and original content about the community technologies on which Red Hat and our many upstream projects are working.

If you visit the channel today, now you will find playlists from FOSDEM,, and the most recent CentOS Dojo in Brussels. There's more coming, too, as the word is out to all of the upstream projects that we are looking for any video content they might have to share.

So please stop by the channel, and better yet, click on Subscribe so you will see the regular updates to this newly revitalized content outlet!

Image provided by MandCStudios under CC0 1.0 Universal license.

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Brian Proffitt is a Manager within Red Hat's Open Source Program Office, focusing on content generation, community metrics, and special projects. Brian's experience with community management includes knowledge of community onboarding, community health, and business alignment. Prior to joining Red Hat in 2014, he was a technology journalist with a focus on Linux and open source, and the author of 22 consumer technology books. 

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