This fall several of our consulting team members will be speaking about DevOps at live and online events.  DevOps is expanding its reach to drive business agility and innovation, requiring large, IT organizations to develop an understanding of underlying infrastructures to benefit from continuous testing, deployment automation and collaborative development.  Be sure to attend these webinars to learn more about how Red Hat accelerates DevOps adoption and how your organization can benefit.

Building a bimodal, DevOps-enabled infrastructure

Vijay Chebolu, North America cloud practice lead, cloud infrastructure, will be leading a webinar on Tuesday, October 13th, focusing on how to build a bimodal infrastructure that breaks the barriers between development and operations.

This webinar discusses:

  • Making the platform part of the application deployment through infrastructure as-code.
  • The components of a hybrid, container-enabled platform.
  • The need for an API-driven infrastructure.
  • Enabling faster build, test, and deployment cycles.

Customers can register here.

Accelerate CI/CD with PaaS and containers

Andrew Block, senior consultant, will lead a webinar on Tuesday, October 27th to discuss how DevOps, PaaS and continuous delivery intersect to accelerate practices that enable DevOps transformation.

These practices include:

  • Just-in-time application platform delivery
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Container-enabled deployment pipelines
  • Transparency among teams
  • Automation to relieve delivery constraints

If you’re at DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco on October 21st, be sure to catch Andy in person discuss some of this same content.

Customers can register here.


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