Last week, eWEEK Labs published their picks for the top 25 technologies that changed the decade. They judged their selections on the impact the technologies had on the past 10 years, while also considering the affect that these technologies will have on the future of IT. Among the winners – which included innovative technologies such as the iPhone, the Blackberry, Blade Servers and Bluetooth – was our leading operating platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. eWeek noted,

Coming into the decade, Linux was already a hot commodity, but it wasn’t until Red Hat launched the buttoned-down and subscription-priced Enterprise variant of its Linux distribution that Linux was truly ready - both in terms of roadmap stability and of business model - to truly storm the enterprise.

Today, Red Hat Enterprise Linux remains a market leader in Linux, offering our enterprise customers the latest technology advances, hardware enablement, bug fixes and updates through our reliable subscription model. We aim to release updates to customers regularly to offer them access to new technology to help them deliver high performance, scalability, reliability and more for their businesses. Most recently, Red Hat delivered the beta availability for the upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 release, with hardware, virtualization and interoperability developments.

Over the years since Red Hat Enterprise Linux debuted to the market, it has been recognized through a number of industry awards for its overall technology leadership as well as for its next-generation features, such as its integrated virtualization technology and green IT-enabling functionality. Here are some recent Red Hat Enterprise Linux awards highlights:

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