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Since launching Red Hat Exchange (RHX) at the Red Hat Summit in May 2007, our team has been busy preparing new products for customers that can be deployed on multiple platforms and that can be purchased with a full range of support tiers. Here’s more information on our new offerings:

Virtual Appliances

On Nov. 7, Red Hat unveiled its strategy to offer virtualized, cloud and appliance deployments. See the webcast. Pre-configured software appliances are now available for trial and purchase on RHX. Try one out today.

Expanded Products and Services from our Partners

We’ve added new products and services from some of our exisitng ISVs, too:

  • Groundwork Monitor Pro will be available with three levels of support on RHX. Groundwork will also offer installation and training services through RHX.
  • JasperSoft will offer JasperAnalysis through RHX with two levels of support. JasperSoft will also offer implementation and training services through RHX.
  • Zmanda will offer Zmanda Network for Amanda Enterprise on RHX with back-up clients for Unix and Linux. This offering comes with three levels of support. Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL and Zmanda implementation services are available through RHX as well.

Expanded Support Offerings

RHX will also begin offering significant enhancements to its support offerings with the availability of 12×5 and 24×7 phone and web support.


Call us at 1 866.546.8976 or email us at to find out additional details. You can also join one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about the key business applications offered via RHX.

For more information on RHX, see here.

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