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Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, in concert with the Red Hat Consulting team and other Red Hat staff from its Irish operation, is pleased to be welcoming easiER AG to Labs as an Open Innovation Labs customer. A startup, based in Zurich, Switzerland, EasiER AG has launched an innovative product in the medical space aimed at increasing the efficiency of Emergency Room operations (hence the Easi – E-R), through the application of technology. They now are embarking on creating a mobile solution that leverages the power of mobile and ER systems to optimize the triage process as patients access emergency room services. As many of us know, waiting periods in emergency rooms can lead to detrimental patient outcomes such as resource constraints on beds, equipment, and staff, not to mention negative hospital reputations and public perceptions.

The Open Innovation Lab engagement will run for 4 weeks, the first week taking place in Waterford and the remaining 3 weeks being run remotely. The Lab team will consist of members flying in from Sweden, France, the UK and the US and will be made up of developers as well as business and IT. Developers will be doing peer development with the Labs team during the engagement, working on the design and concepts behind building mobile apps on the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform.

The charter of Open Innovation Labs is to accelerate the delivery of our customers' innovative ideas, and create infectious enthusiasm for building applications the Red Hat Way, by leveraging community-powered innovation to deliver an outstanding customer experience. This lab will provide hands-on skills, mentoring, and tools to help the customer get up and running with their first mobile app.

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