Manage processes. Embrace mobile. Adapt your business.

Transform your business with process management and mobile development

451 Research’s report, "The Enterprise in Motion: Phenomena Transforming Business Process Management and Mobility," shows how business process management and mobile platforms can help spur digital transformation.

Organizations face increasing pressure to automate virtually all processes and extend them to mobile users—customers, partners, and a mobile workforce. To combat these pressures, business processes must be able to rapidly adapt as market conditions evolve—whether through changes in customer demand or competitor tactics.

The capabilities of modern, interoperable business process management (BPM) and mobile app development platforms are well-suited to the tasks required for digital transformation initiatives.

451 Research lays out the case for powering digital transformation through the use of process-driven mobile apps. Recommendations for this solution include:

  • Manage business processes as assets. Redesign processes and apps that need modernization.
  • Evaluate BPM and mobile offerings as potential low-code, rapid business process and mobile app development platforms.
  • Execute a proof-of-concept to determine the capabilities of the chosen platforms.
  • Deploy, iterate, and improve.

Download the 451 Research report to learn more about the intersection of BPM and mobile platforms.