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Change the way you deliver apps with a container platform

Red Hat can help you revolutionize how you deliver apps, with the right technology, platform, and processes.

Everyone in IT is under pressure to do things faster—provision faster, build faster, and go to market with new apps and offerings faster. To support these efforts, while managing stagnant and shrinking budgets, organizations are turning to modern, efficient technologies that make development easier, more collaborative, and scalable.

Linux containers and a container application platform, like Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform, can help you deliver apps that are thoroughly tested, quickly released, frequently updated, widely replicated, and efficiently maintained and monitored. An effective adoption program—using practices guided by experience—can lead organizations to successful container-based software delivery infrastructure.

The "Modernizing application delivery with container platforms" whitepaper shows how adopting container technologies and modern methodologies, like DevOps, can help you achieve efficient software delivery—the key to success.

Container application platforms make difficult, time-consuming operational tasks easier through:

  • Persistent storage access for stateful apps and app services
  • Simplified load balancing, scheduling, and scaling
  • Streamlined deployment of complex apps to physical or virtual and public, private, or hybrid cloud


Learn how Red Hat OpenShift can help modernize how you deliver apps.