Reduce the cost of proprietary virtualization by moving to Red Hat solutions

Migrate to Red Hat Virtualization. Outperform and save over VMware.

Enterprises locked into proprietary virtualization software are getting restless. They’re looking for alternatives to high upgrade costs and advanced features they can only access by paying more.

Red Hat Virtualization is a compelling alternative to proprietary platforms. Organizations that make the move can expect greater cost efficiencies, less time spent on maintenance, and more flexibility to tailor systems to their needs. They also benefit from military-grade security that’s built into the core of the software.

Built-in migration tools largely automate the move to Red Hat Virtualization. That shifts focus from the time-consuming recreation of virtual machines to assessing which strategic workloads demand more attention.

Move from proprietary VMware virtualization to Red Hat and see benefits in:

  • Reduction of upgrade fees and licensing costs
  • Ease of deployment. Use built-in tools to nondestructively migrate virtual machines.
  • Security, through the use of military-grade SELinux, built directly into the kernel

Download the technology overview to see how you can gain efficiencies by moving virtualization workloads to Red Hat solutions.