Best practices for DevOps and container day-2 operations management and automation

  • 2018年 2月 6日
  • Webinar

Increasing adoption of DevOps strategies and container-based microservices architectures is wreaking havoc with traditional IT infrastructure operations management processes and best practices. As the rate and pace of change accelerates and workloads are deployed across a dynamic mix of public clouds and on-premise infrastructure, IT operations teams are turning to automation to help maintain service level agreements, keep costs down, and empower critical digital business initiatives.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to integrate DevOps and container-based applications with modern day-2 operations management and automation best practices.
  • How open source automation and management technologies can transform IT operations in the era of containers, DevOps, and cloud.


Date: 2-06-2018

Time: 11:00 am ET

Duration: 60 minutes

Mary Johnston Turner, director, management, Red Hat

Mary Johnston Turner is a director and evangelist in Red Hat’s Management business unit. Mary promotes Red Hat's management software and automation portfolio. She recently joined Red Hat after spending more than 15 years as an industry analyst at IDC, Ovum, and Summit Strategies. Throughout her career, Mary has advised senior IT and business executives on strategies for optimizing the management, performance, and automation of enterprise IT environments and digital business initiatives.