Discover the possibilities of hybrid cloud from Red Hat and Microsoft

  • 2018年 5月 23日
  • Virtual Event

Discover the possibilities of hybrid cloud from Red Hat and Microsoft

Your IT grows more complex each day. You deal with an array of connections, integrations, portability issues among clouds, resource orchestration, storage concerns… the list goes on. Together, Red Hat and Microsoft have jointly engineered hybrid cloud solutions to create efficiency and consistency across your environments: on-premise, public cloud and everything in between. 

Join this virtual event to learn how the partnership between Red Hat and Microsoft can help transform your IT. Sessions include:

  • Open hybrid cloud
  • Infrastructure security
  • Container-native storage
  • Containers on cloud
  • Network automation at scale
  • Management and compliance
  • DevOps
  • Q&A


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How open source and hybrid cloud brought Microsoft and Red Hat together


Track 1 - Building and securing your infrastructure for today and tomorrow 

Session 1: Automating security and compliance for hybrid environments
Session 2: Build a hybrid cloud with Red Hat containers on Microsoft clouds
Session 3: Benefits of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Microsoft Azure


Track 2 - DevOps: Gaining choice and flexibility with Red Hat and Microsoft 

Session 1: Benefits of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Microsoft Azure
Session 2: Container-native storage
Session 3: Automate and manage Microsoft Azure resources with Red Hat Ansible Automation


Track 3 - Implementing a complete management framework across environments 

Session 1: Using Ansible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Microsoft Windows alike
Session 2: Monitoring the performance of your container environments 


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How open source and hybrid cloud brought Microsoft and Red Hat together

Two very different companies, one common goal: open source innovation for the future of business and development. Join Red Hat’s Matt Hicks, SVP of software engineering, and Microsoft’s John Gossman, lead architect for Microsoft Azure, to hear why the companies forged an alliance to help businesses progress from on-premise environments to a hybrid cloud world. Discover Microsoft’s journey to open source, Red Hat’s progression to hybrid cloud, and how these paths converged along the way.


Matt Hicks, Senior vice president, Software Engineering, Red Hat

Matt Hicks is the senior vice president of Software Engineering at Red Hat, where he is responsible for all product engineering. Hicks is responsible for products such as Red Hat® Enterprise Linux, the Red Hat JBoss® Middleware portfolio, Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat OpenShift, and Red Hat Ansible Automation, as well as the company’s hosted services, such as Red Hat OpenShift Online, Red Hat OpenShift.io, and Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated—which serve millions of applications and billions of requests a day. He has been with Red Hat for a dozen years and was one of the founding members of the OpenShift team. Before Red Hat, Hicks spent several years with IBM, a few startups, and as an IT consultant.

With more than 20 years of experience in Linux and a background in computer engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Hicks has always had a passion for combining infrastructure and application technologies. As technology innovation converges on open source, Linux, and containers, his experience has placed him at the center of what he believes is the most exciting time in our history.


John Gossman, Lead architect, Azure, Microsoft

John Gossman is a lead architect on Microsoft Azure, where he spearheads technical strategy and partnerships for Linux® and open source technologies. He serves on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors and co-authored the Microsoft REST API guidelines. Gossman was previously an architect on Microsoft’s UI strategy—where he popularized the Model-View-ViewModel pattern—andcame to Microsoft as part of the Visio acquisition.