The transformational power of mobile apps, BPM, and IoT in field workforce management

  • 2017年 12月 7日
  • Webinar

Mobile plays a significant role in transforming how organizations support and empower their field workers. However, great field workforce management solutions involve more than just building a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. They increasingly draw on the integration of multiple technologies—mobile, business process management (BPM), and Internet of Things (IoT).  

This webinar highlights: 

  • Unique characteristics of mobile apps for field operations.
  • Field workforce management: A customer journey that started with mobile. 
  • Considerations for building modern field workforce management solutions.


Date: 12-07-2017

Time: 11:00 am ET

Duration: 30 minutes

Steve O’Keefe, product line director, Mobile, Red Hat 

Steve O'Keefe, product line director of Red Hat Mobile, is responsible for marketing strategy and execution, developing marketing requirements, and sales training for Red Hat Mobile. Steve led the acquisition and integration of FeedHenry by Red Hat in 2014. He is a technology industry veteran with a proven track record of innovation, problem-solving, and execution across strategy, business development, pricing, and marketing. Prior to Red Hat, Steve worked at IBM in both the WebSphere business where he focused on industry solutions and in corporate marketing where he was part of a small team tasked with the continued development and transformation of marketing as a discipline. Prior to IBM Steve held a number of roles in business development, pricing, and finance at technology and consulting firms.