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Red Hat AMQ Online

Managed, self-service messaging in the cloud

Deliver messaging to all your teams with no operations, no deployment

With messaging, different applications can share data while each system remains protected from service interruptions or implementation changes. As a result, IT organizations can ensure systems have consistent data, supporting better business decisions. Now, companies can offer that power to their development teams with no maintenance, no installation, and no hardware resources. With Red Hat®​ AMQ Online, your messaging is hosted 100% in the cloud as a managed service, and provisioned as you need it, bringing the great connectivity options that made Red Hat AMQ a leader.

This technical preview has two editions

Select the brokered address space if you want:

  • A managed broker instance
  • Full JMS support
  • AMQP, CORE, OpenWire, and MQTT protocol support

Select the standard address space if you want:

  • Scalability beyond a single broker
  • Scalability in the number of connections
  • Scalability in the aggregate throughput
  • Support for direct peer-to-peer messaging

Note: the standard address space only supports AMQP 1.0 at present and does not provide full JMS capabilities. For instance, transactions and message groups are not supported. Use the brokered address space if you require these facilities.

Messaging served up on demand for agile teams

Today's fast moving projects require lighter, simpler, and cloud-native components. The messaging technology to serve these projects features:

  • Simple provisioning.
  • Scalability, availability, and durability.
  • Popular industry protocols and APIs, including JMS, STOMP, MQTT, AMQP, and others.
  • Support for multiple security models.