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Life at Red Hat

Our culture

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Red Hat is where the most passionate, creative, and high-performing people in the technology industry come together to make a difference. Every day is full of opportunities to have a meaningful, tangible impact.

Our work feels important because it is. Transparency and collaboration are changing the world, and we've proven that you can build a company on those principles.

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Look inside our unique culture and environment

Most companies describe what you will experience on their best days. We think it's more useful to know what you can expect from a typical day at Red Hat.


We're leaders in a movement that's bigger than ourselves. We work to defend software freedom, connect people and ideas, and show the world the power of the open source way.

How to succeed here

Being the open source leader is a huge responsibility. We compete against companies with many times more resources. People have the highest expectations of us, and we win by staying true to what we believe in.

What our people say

This isn't just a job for me. I believe in what we do to the core of my being. Everyone understands the concept 'don't reinvent the wheel'. Open source applies that to everything.

It's inspiring to work with people who believe in what they're doing. To many Red Hatters, open source is a way to change the world for the better.


We're energized by our work and expect to be heard. Our passion inspires us to explore new technologies and ideas. It pushes us to work harder and create better things for the world.

How to succeed here

Passionate people have strong opinions. You need to take feedback gracefully. And sometimes you have to stand up and make your own voice heard.

What our people say

It's pretty hard to have a dull day with so many inspired and ambitious people around.

At Red Hat, people are as interested in your work as they are in their own. They're eager to know what research you've done, what tools you use, and whether you're doing things the open source way. They ask a lot of questions, and they care about your answers.


Anyone can contribute their ideas, and your ability to influence isn't defined by a job title. Red Hatters like solving problems. They're dedicated to sharing information and making a difference.

How to succeed here

At most companies, teams make decisions and roll out policies as they see fit. But at Red Hat, mandates are rarely effective. You need to build credibility outside of your own department. Prove that you understand our mission and culture. And show why your decision or solution is a good one.

What our people say

At Red Hat, I am constantly surrounded by incredibly smart and intelligent people. This pushes me to the limits of my ability.

You can find people at Red Hat who share your interests and passions. We have internal groups dedicated to everything from bicycling to women's leadership. Many of us contribute to open source projects and our local communities.


This is a fast-paced, ever-changing business, and we contribute to some of the most interesting trends in technology. You have the chance to make an impact and grow beyond the job you were hired for.

How to succeed here

When you have a great idea, make it happen. Reach out to other teams and ask about similar projects. Collaborate by merging your efforts or working in parallel.

What our people say

In my experience, people get considerable freedom in managing their own time and work routines. There's a lot of potential for learning and growing.

Our work is exhilarating. There's always something new to learn and another big project to take on. This kind of environment can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming.

Explore our culture

An open source ethos

The making of The Open Organization

When you write a book about a company like Red Hat, how it's written is as important as what you say. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Open Organization, and hear from some of the people who helped make it happen.

Our mission

A lot of companies aim for transparency and collaboration. But at Red Hat, that's just our way. We knew our mission statement could never be handed down from the boardroom, so we came together as a company and collectively wrote it. After two rounds of input and lots of open debate from 400+ Red Hatters, this mission statement emerged:

To be the catalyst in communities of customers, contributors, and partners creating better technology the open source way.

Freedom, courage, commitment, accountability. All lived in balance.

Red Hatters hold each other accountable for living our four values in balance.

As a company, we are like a ship that rights itself when we lean too heavily in the direction of any one of these four values. Our values help us sustain our culture amidst growth and change. It isn't always easy for people who naturally gravitate toward freedom or courage to work with those who lean more toward accountability or commitment. With diversity of thought comes tension and conflict, and our values help us find a path forward.

It's showtime

Every quarter, we come together to watch The Show, a video that connects remote and in-office Red Hatters around the world and highlights what's happening in our unique culture. From funny skits to business milestones to the occasional music video, The Show celebrates our global diversity.

Red Hatters love Show Day, because it's a great chance to take a break from your desk, celebrate with a snack or perhaps an adult beverage, and meet coworkers from other parts of the company.

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