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It’s impossible to plan for everything. But with technologies founded on the enterprise Linux®, you can be prepared for anything. Red Hat’s® broad portfolio equips you for a world that never stands still.

Build smarter. Ship faster.

Speed is the key to business success. And cloud-native app development is the key to repeatable speed. With the right tools and techniques, your developers can make new apps and modernize existing ones to meet your customers’ demands and exceed their expectations.

With Red Hat, you can arrange your people, processes, and technologies to build, deploy, and manage apps that are ready for the cloud.

Why cloud-native?

You need a modern approach to building, running, and managing applications to take full advantage of the cloud. Building with cloud principles is the best way to develop faster, deliver faster, adapt faster, and innovate faster. And it’s the way Red Hat has always worked.

UPS and Red Hat make apps happen faster

UPS delivers more than 20 million packages a day. To manage data and scheduling for all those parcels, the company worked with Red Hat to build a flexible, container-based cloud computing environment and embrace DevOps practices. The result? A massive reduction in UPS’ app development cycle, from more than a year to a matter of weeks.

Commence your cloud-native journey. Or complete it.

Committing to a cloud-native future can be daunting. But with the right road map and Red Hat as your partner, you can get there. Here are eight essential steps along the way.

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