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Red Hat Forum 2019
Asia Pacific


Join us at Red Hat® Forum 2019, a place to build on what you have, build toward what you want, and build up your expectations of possibilities to come.

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Whether you’ve been in IT for decades or you’re just starting out, you know you’re in an industry that doesn’t stand still. And neither can you—every pull request accepted, every project finished, every strategy executed is an opportunity to add to your experience and expand your possibilities.

What you do with those opportunities, however, depends on a simple little word and how you treat it: AND. Because from the right foundation, from an open foundation, AND connects technology with culture and expands your possibilities. It adapts and grows with you from the start—it’s interoperable, adjustable, elastic, scaling up with you when you need it or down when you don’t. Think Linux® AND containers. Think public AND private cloud. Think Red Hat AND you.

AND is the essential building block of open source, and Red Hat Forum is where AND comes to life, where ideas worth exploring become reality. It’s a place to learn, network, and experience open source.

Red Hat Forum brings the latest and greatest in open source cloud computing, platform, virtualization, middleware, storage, and systems management technologies to your region. Come expand your knowledge at the Red Hat Forum nearest you.

Find your answers

Learn. Network. Experience Open Source.

Red Hat Forum is the ideal event to learn more about the latest and greatest in cloud computing, platform, virtualization, middleware, storage, and systems management technologies.

Demand more from your infrastructure

Today's businesses demand both operational efficiency and agile innovation. Find the perfect balance for your business with a Red Hat infrastructure solution.

A faster path from innovative ideas to business value

Cloud apps that take advantage of big data solutions, mobile technologies, and social media can connect customers and products in new ways. But your business needs to build, integrate, and deliver these apps quickly—before the competition does.

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我们是世界领先的企业开源解决方案供应商,提供包括 Linux、云、容器和 Kubernetes。我们致力于提供经过安全强化的解决方案,从核心数据中心到网络边缘,让企业能够更轻松地跨平台和环境运营。

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