Red Hat Training Compatibility Test Page for Red Hat Training Labs

Compatibility Tests

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Working Environment


We suggest that you work in a quiet, private, well lit room conducive to study. Use of public spaces such as coffee shops is discouraged.

Screen Resolution

Recommended minimum screen resolution is x px.

Connection Requirements


The latency of your internet connection should not exceed ms.


The recommended download bandwidth should be faster than kbps.

Browser Requirements

Browser Version

Minimum Browser requirement:

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Firefox 17
  • Chrome 22
  • Safari 7

Web Sockets

Your browser needs Web Sockets capability.

Your browser can connect using a secure WebSocket connection (wss).


Your browser should be able to access content via port 6080.

Mixed Content

Your browser preferences should allow access to mixed secure "https" and insecure "http" content.

Non trusted https connections

Your browser should be able to access content from accepted self signed certificates.