Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Modernize your apps. Adopt a container platform.

Red Ha OpenShift Container Platform helps your organization develop, deploy, and manage existing and container-based apps seamlessly across physical, virtual, and public cloud infrastructures. Its built on proven open source technologies and helps application development and IT operations teams modernize applications, deliver new services, and accelerate development processes.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform helps your app development teams with provisioning, building, and deploying applications and their components in a self-service fashion. It features automated workflows and integrates with continuous integration and continuous delivery tools, making it an ideal solution for any organization.

The platform also helps your ops teams with secure, enterprise-grade Kubernetes that provides policy-based control and automation for applications. With OpenShift Container Platform, these teams can cluster, schedule, and orchestrate services with load-balancing and auto-scaling capabilities.

Red Hat OpenShift helps your organization:

  • Deliver your innovation to market faster to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Accelerate app development by giving your teams the tools they need to get the job done.
  • Stay secure and flexible through an enterprise-grade, container-based platform with no vendor lock-in.
  • Embrace DevOps and department-wide collaboration.

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