Control your IT infrastructure with Red Hat Ansible Tower

Scale IT automation, manage complex deployments and speed productivity

Automation is an essential and strategic component of modernization and digital transformation. Modern, dynamic environments need a new type of management solution that can improve speed, scale and stability across the enterprise IT environment.

Red Hat® Ansible® Tower builds on the underlying Ansible automation engine by adding control, security, and delegation capabilities. With Tower, your team can automate – and your business can innovate.

As mission control, Tower centralizes and controls your Ansible infrastructure with:

  • A visual dashboard that provides a heads-up NOC-style display of everything going on in your Ansible environment
  • Role-based access control and auditing
  • Job status and scheduling
  • Graphical inventory management
  • Comprehensive REST API and CLI tool

Download the whitepaper "Beginners guide: Control with Red Hat Ansible Tower" to learn more.