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Continuous integration and delivery with Ansible

A major challenge in IT today is centered on enabling continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) with no downtime. This goal has often required extensive custom code—working with multiple software packages.

Ansible is a powerful open source automation language. Uniquely, it’s also a deployment and orchestration tool. While Ansible provides more productive drop-in replacements for many core capabilities in other automation solutions, it also seeks to solve other major unsolved IT challenges, such as CI/CD.

Ansible provides all of the needed capabilities for CI/CD in 1 solution, as it was designed from the beginning to orchestrate exactly these types of scenarios.

Ansible’s unique multitier, multistep orchestration capabilities helps achieve CI/CD through:

  • Rolling updates
  • Continuous deployment of management content
  • Integrated stage testing
  • Version control-based deployment
  • Embedded tests in deployment

Download the whitepaper to learn how to automate your CI/CD pipeline with Ansible.