Make the most of your resources while building apps for the future of your organization

A platform for modernizing Java applications

Java apps have been at the technological center of organizations for a long time. Building on this, your organization can standardize on a platform to modernize development and support those existing applications while moving toward the cloud-enabled future.

The combination of traditional monoliths and cloud-based app deployment lets you take advantage of existing knowledge and resources while actively moving toward newer application models. A modern app platform is the backbone to making this happen.

Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform gives your organization the ability to achieve the digital transformation that executives are planning, while maximizing existing IT resources and continuing critical maintenance projects.

A Java EE-based application platform can provide support for current technologies and cloud-native apps by:

  • Using existing staff and domain knowledge for new technologies.
  • Preserving legacy applications and important data.
  • Developing new applications in parallel with the existing environment.
  • Implementing new processes and architectures.

The "A platform for modernizing Java applications" whitepaper discusses how your organization can use Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform to manage your existing apps and prepare for the future of cloud-enabled apps and architectures.

Download the whitepaper to learn more.